Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Battered Laptop !

My battered laptop sits in front of me
my communication across the net
this world is now a smaller place to be
as I chat to my new friends I have met

Emails, letters, Facebook and so much more
chatting with friends from around the world
even do my shopping in an online store
watch the universe as it`s unfurled

my laptop helps me store my photographs
and safe to access them from just one place
sadly its not so good with autographs
hey I only have a limited space!

I'm even writing my poetry here 
as I'm sat at my old key board today
seeing the words forming, gives me much cheer
the poem comes together in its own way

I couldn't cope without my old laptop
for work I depend on it to get me through
but I still meet my friends down the coffee shop
and its doesn't beat a girls night out too!

Laptops are good for storing, working and games, but going out with friends and family is always better.....

© Lissie Bull 2014

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