Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Dear Father

I weep for you, my father
since the Angels came
though time will heal
this pain that`s deep inside
creating a hole
that can not be filled

while I was growing up
you guided me
taught me the life skills
I would need to learn
celebrating my triumphs
comforting through my failures
always picking me up
when I fell down

helped my move out
gave me away to my spouse
enjoyed your grandchildren
you were there when sorrow
came knocking at my door

I`m sorry I wasn't
always there when needed
I know there were times
when I let you down
no matter what happened
you were there in my heart
the bond of father and daughter

through the haze of tears
my heart is broken in two
though you have left this earth
you are always by my side

Love and miss you always

Lissie  <3  xXx

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