Wednesday, 15 March 2017


That time between Fridays and Mondays, should be special, full of fun and memorable.
How ever in the working world, weekends are becoming just another working day and taken for granted.

I remember a time when you didn`t go to work on the weekend,  except for the clergy, as weddings were usually on Saturdays. and for kids they were game days, with sport on the radio and then watched on the television. Junior and senior sports events, such as football, rugby or swimming.  Kids were active and achieving so much through Tournaments.

For the serious people, there were fishing trips, motor sports and even cricket matches, to name just a few.

Sundays were family days,  shops weren`t open and churches were the centre of the village or district.  A full roast meal with the whole family sat together.  After the dishes were washed, all would settle down in front of the television and watch a film.

How times have changed !

Now Saturdays and Sundays are just normal working days and families don`t gather together like they use to.  Computers and game consoles are more popular than physical activities.  Even church attendances have fallen.

Everyone has a different take on weekends, some like the normality for working and maybe having a day off in the week when it`s quieter and others love to make their weekends as active as possible, with hobbies taking over, walking, racing, riding, diving and much more. There are the party goers, who seek out others to share their sense of excitement, with music, drinking and socialising.  Others travel to visit places, family or theatre and shows. Dressing up and dining out, all so sophisticated.

Weekends are important ..... in one way or another !

They can mean so many different things to many people and are therefore a big part of our lives.  How do you spend yours ?


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