Monday, 13 March 2017


Sat here feeling almost every emotion possible...the house is so quiet and peaceful, but there is none of that in my heart.  I feel wrapped in a spiky blanket that`s itchy and uncomfortable, while experiencing sadness, anger and anticipation.

As I am a single parent, with no partner to discuss, challenge and receive guidance from, I find it so hard to make what seems to be the right decision.....I chop and change the way I approach my problems, therefore sending out the wrong signals.

Companionship would be a great help for me in situations like this.  Coping with emotions, my children and siblings is like juggling with fire !

There are times when I just feel I want to walk away from these situations and run free amongst the countryside, and let nature wrap around me and take away my pain.

However, I know I have to face up to my demons....!


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