Friday, 20 July 2012


Anger, rage and thunder
Is the order of the day
Stamping, yelling and tears
The pain won`t go away

Darkness all around us
No light for us to see
The noise just gets louder
Please, just let us be!

Everyone`s against us
Nothings going right
Little things seem so bad
The tunnel has no light

We take three steps forward
Then take two steps back
The battles always nears us
There`s never time to slack

If only we could rest now
Step off this round-about
Slow down for just a while
Let off a real good shout.

The stress, the strain and worry
Now what are we to do?
What ever we might try
Our solutions seem so few.

This poem came about when everything seemed to be going wrong,
I was at a real low point in my life after losing my husband and smashing up my wrist.  How times have changed now, thankfully.

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