Saturday, 7 July 2012

Speck in space

A tiny speck in an enormous space
Floating though the mists of time
There`s nothing drawing it to one place
For there`s no real reason or rhyme !

This little speck spins and dives
Charging through complete thin air
Nothing to stop it, so it survives
Why should it fret for it has no care

Gliding through some rock debris
Light reflected from the red hot sun
A speck out sailing on a space sea
Swooping, turning, having great fun

Soaring, floating round and round
No noise, just eternal peace
Will this speck ever be found ?
Will it`s journey ever cease ?

This poem was a result of a thought about space and the ever continuing journey of things ( how ever big or small ) floating around for eternity.  It is a question that made me wonder !!

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