Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Here we go again

Ring, ring, Ring, ring, there`s the telephone
 Ring, ring, Ring, ring, just when I`m alone

Hello, hello, Hello, hello, is any one there?
 Hello, hello, Hello, hello, Does any one care?

Tap, tap, Tap, tap, there`s someone at the door
 Tap, tap, Tap, tap, is it someone I adore?

Knock, knock, Knock, knock, disturbing me that way
 Knock, knock, Knock, knock, please now, just go away

Peep-po, Peep-po, do you want me out there?
 Peep-po, Peep-po. don`t you give me a scare

Welcome, Welcome, and a `how do you do!`
 Welcome, Welcome, it`s so good to see you !!

This was one of my first poems that I wrote around the age of ten.  I found it and a few others whilst going through some papers.   Its good to read them all again.

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