Monday, 2 July 2012

Family strife.....

Why is it families hurt each other
I thought blood was thicker than water
How wrong could I be, why didn`t I see?
They just don`t treat me like a daughter

It`s hard enough in the world to live
Without meeting or a chat on the phone
Everyone should have someone to love
Not end up sitting at home alone.

Supporting the children as they move on
Play with the grand kids when they come by
Reminisce and put the world to rights
Then send them off with a kiss good bye. 

But out family seems set on destruct
Sad to watch as it crumbles away
What was so good is nothing now
There is no more for me to say..........

I was sad to see that some family life is lessening and each family is so different. To watch a family split and move away from each other, with little or no contact, is so sad. 

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