Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Ocean Lover

The gentle sea breeze ruffling my hair
As I walk along the tidal line
Feeling the sand between my toes
Searching in the evening sun shine

Driftwood, shells or even some treasure
Never knowing what I`ll discover
Feeling the thrill of each daring step
Hand in hand with my ocean lover

Listening to the waves as the tide turns
Hearing the passion with each heart beat
Watching the waters slowing come in
Creeping nearer and nearer to my feet

The waters start to tickle my toes
My feet sink into the sand with each wave
Still I walk on in search of new things
That I love to seek and always crave

As I continue to stroll along
Collecting my treasures as I see
I feel you with me in every step
Neptune my ocean lover and me!

Holidays, sunshine and the beach,  I just love to walk along the tidal line and see what the sea has brought in,  I love to walk alone enjoying the moment and savouring each treasure.

© Lis Bull 2013

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