Friday, 20 February 2015

Words and thorns

There is power to be found in many words
love and affection felt with tenderness
experienced through the ink from the pen
raw emotions in natures harsh wilderness

this blood filed pen, pierces like the sharp thorn
that staunchly protects the fragrant red rose
warning off unsuitable pursuers
a moment in time, blood and thorn now shows

dripping with the sheer desire to survive
each word oozes with a need to be read
spoken with passion and authority
not to linger in an old book `til dead

likewise the rose`s need to stay untouched
to grow tall with elegance and beauty
therefore these fearfully sharp thorns comply
protecting these flowers are their duty

the enriched wonder of the word and thorn
sealed with think ink, are entwined together
for the realization of their existence
their power will remain with us for ever

Ink, blood, words and protective thorns,  they are all linked in a powerful image for me

© Lis Bull 2013. 

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