Friday, 5 June 2015

Red sky in the morning......

Red sky at night is a shepherd`s delight
at least that`s what they came and told me
red sky in the morning is a shepherd`s warning
take care of this beautiful dawn, wait and see....

so this I did with much trepidation
wondering what would follow this dawning
would the day really be such a bad one
how could the day change from this red morning?

I didn`t have to wait to long to see
for the skies changed to a thunderous black
felt as though the clouds would fall to earth
heavy with rain hitting the ground with a crack

the storm would rage on for hours and hours
the air thick with rain and much blackness
soaking the area with its out pouring
ravaging through the day `til near darkness

from the wonderfully colourful start
to the torrent of heavy rain through the day
finishing with a blue sky of evening
red sky in the morning, warnings all the way!!

There was a very red bright sunrise this morning
followed by a blackening rain storm
The saying seemed to be true for today.....

© Lis Bull 2013

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