Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Colours of Bereavement

A quiet moment to ponder
to think things through and see
the kaleidoscope of life
is bearing down on me

the colours that were first seen
after that dreadful day
were all so foreboding
like dark blacks and grey

a shaft of light has started
to peep through stormy skies
black begins to turn to blues
that`s what happens after someone dies

as despair starts to slip away
the colours change again
greens and reds begin to show
does this also happen to men?

anniversaries come and go
the light is getting stronger
colours twist and change again
more brighter tones stay longer

oranges and pinks now show
a smile upon my face
whites and creams are appearing next
and a spring is in my pace

if you could see me now, my love
you`d see a different person
bright colours all around me now
as I know that I can carry on.

© Lissie Bull 2010

This poem was written about 3 years after my husband, Steve lost his battle with cancer, and shows that I have come through the tough bereavement and can smile again.  It is through losing Steve, that I took up writing poetry and I know he is still with my always.

This poem is the final poem about my feelings after this loss and was also the first poem I had published too !

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