Sunday, 11 September 2016

Start of Autumn

September rumblings
autumn`s now on its way
the warmth has left the sun
cold blue skies here to stay

weather`s unpredictable
but that's how I like it
maybe we`ll have snow soon
it strengthens the spirit!

bright colours on the trees
they`re changing their attire
orange, reds and yellows
summer can now retire

it`s like another world
low lying misty mornings
everything is shrouded
sending winter warnings

crunchiness under foot
and a bite in the air
wrap up now and stay warm
it`s time to take good care

September`s a great month
marks a change in the year
for earth start to sleep
as winter will be here..

I love autumn, all the bright colours on the trees and fruit ripening, harvest time!!
The Winter is just around the corner followed by Christmas....yeah!!!

© Lissie Bull 2016

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