Monday, 26 September 2016

This is a little nonsense poem using up some of the phrases 
I knew when I was younger, they always make me laugh !

Nonsense of Life

When all is said and done
the final curtain`s down
pick up your kit bag now
come on and smile, don`t frown

the grass is greener there
at least that`s what I`m told
so I should go exploring
travel before I`m too old

a pint full of goodness
to help me on my way
humble pie to feed me
thank you, is what I say

have to spend to gain things
to give and not to ask
your mission will start here
so please complete the task

to fight is to conquer
the battle can be won
so look on the bright side
because life can be fun!!

© Lissie Bull 2012
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