Wednesday, 21 September 2016

New Project

This week,  I am stepping out onto a new journey, travelling down a new road..!
Since being bereaved and then finding comfort through poetry,  I have had a desire to help
others who have been through the same emotional dramas I went through.

So I have been thinking about ways I can help...and after much debate, I have decided to set up a charity to help people going through this devastating experience.  Poetry can be a powerful way to direct emotions to a more positive means of coping.  

Expressing feelings using written words can help to release pent up emotions that can lay festering deep within.  Some people can talk about their loss, while others find using a pen is better for them.

So excited about this project, but I`m under no illusion that this will an easy venture...

On the positive side, I have come up with a name... Healing Words !

I am researching, exploring and talking to people about it...and  happy to listen to anyone who may be able to offer help or advice.

Please message me if you think you can help

many thanks


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