Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Feathered Samurai 

This stunning kestrel watches all
missing nothing with his keen sight
chest puffed out with sheer pride
a coiled spring, all ready for flight

such an awesome bird to behold
he has the strength to over power
then bring down his enemy
this magnificent warrior

dressed so smartly in rustic red
head cap and wings a deep slate blue
dark beady eyes and sharp hooked beak
brings fear to all who come into view

with long sharp menacing talons
as his most striking feature
he`s mastered all that he surveys
this powerful cunning creature

tt`s a wonderful privilege
to watch him glide high in the sky
and to hear his call on the wind
as he dives down on his prey with flair

fly free with the wind dear kestrel
soar high above the countryside
smartly dressed in your fine colours
knowing your there, fills us with pride!

© Lis Bull 2014
Image by FeatheredSamuraititles "Atlas"

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