Sunday, 5 February 2017

Taking Back my Life

In recent years, it`s been quite stressful bringing up four kids without their father.
Now they are young adults, it`s time for me to think of what I would like to be.
Youngest one is now at uni, so I know I can start to find my life and start to live it again.

Stress has been a major problem for me along with not having a partner to talk problems through or general company
Now I would love to see my kids start to live their own lives, fledge and move on to the next stage of their journey through life.

I can`t wipe their noses or tie their shoe laces any more, for that is their responsibility from now on.  I`m not going to cook and clean for them as they need to do this for themselves.  Though I`ll always be there for support and guidance, no matter where they are.

I am taking back my life !!
I`m going to be me !!
This is my year and I am going to smile and laugh once more !!

There I`ve said it must be true, and if I post it on here, then I have to go through with it all....and live again for me !!

How will I do this, I hear you say......well lets try this ....

Smile when I wake up each morning....
See the good in everyone
Say hello to all I meet 
Be thankful for all I have or have received
Help someone each and every day
Feel free and loved....
Give thanks every evening before I go to bed !!

Hopefully this will help me to smile, laugh, be happy and live again.

This is my new life, new world....and happiness too.

How about you ? 


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