Friday, 17 February 2017



There is creativity in all of us, but some of us don`t always realise it.
It`s like being in a room and not being able to find the door.

Don`t fight it, but let it flow naturally, don`t force it, let it find it`s own way.

Thre are many different paths to creativity ..... 
painting.....oils, watercolour, pastels, sketching and multimedia
writing.....spoken or written...stories, poetry, teaching, plays and comedy
music.....written, sung or played, singularly, in a band or a choir.

There are many many ways and combinations to try and even conquer, so why not have a go at something new.

I came across poetry through an unfortunate event...the death of my husband.
My children were able to express their grief through different ways, including, art, music and play. However I was unable to open up until it was suggested that I wrote my emotions down.  So I gave it ago and found that it really helped.

Once I started, my emotions flowed out onto the pages of my books.  I could express my grief and despair at what had happened to me and my family.  Following on from this, I found my writing changing, and I began to look to the future, a feeling of hope had been planned.

Now I have my blog where I post my poems on a daily basis for all to enjoy. Many people have read them, enjoyed them and commented on them...such a positive experience.
Secondly, I started to write for family and friends, this then lead to me starting my own business writing for others  and taking on commissions and earning a little money.

Throughout this, I still feel my husband, Steve, is with me, watching over me and happy that I am doing something I enjoy.

Never over look you creativity..don`t be afraid....go on, give it a go !!


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