Sunday, 12 February 2017

Valentine`s day

It`s that time of year again, where love is in the air !
Valentine`s Day is a day to show your true love just how much they are loved.
This day appeals to lovers of all ages, from all walks of life and all parts of the world !

From red roses, hearts and chocolates to more meaningful shows of affection, that are personal to each couple.  Over the years these gifts have got more and more extravagant!
The meaning of couples has also changed and therefore so have the gift ideas too.

Personally, Valentine`s Day doesn`t hold that much for me, as my husband was given his wings nearly 10 years ago. However I hold many, many wonderful memories of our time spent together and treasure every one of them. 

Though couples show their love for each other everyday, Valentine`s Day is a special time to really go to town and show their love more intensely.  A love token, meal, time together all help to make this day really special for each couple.

At the beginning of each relationship, every Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas and Valentine`s day are so important and a great time to show how strong their love is for each other.   As the years progress, these occasions are not so important, as other milestone come into view. Achievements, children and even grandchildren take up their attention.  Their love is still important and as time goes by, they begin know each other better, know what they like, how they feel or how they will react.  This just goes to show how they have moulded into a wonderful, loving couple.

Though I don`t celebrate Valentine`s Day, I still remember my husband, Steve, and all our achievements we shared together. I take great joy in our children and look forward to celebrating all their future achievements.

So to all those who are celebrating Valentine`s day,  I hope you all have a wonderfully enjoyable and loving day.



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