Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A prayer from my heart......

To lose my life partner 
is a hard thing to bear
the memories we've collected
all gathered up with care

now help me to cope with life
and bring up our family
yet there`s a hole in my world
until we`re united for eternity

all those tender moments
torn away from my heart
that cheery smile or sparkle
lost since we had to part

eight years have now past
and I miss you more each day
wishing I could hold you again
for I love you in every way

the angels care for you now
as you dwell within their light
please wrap your wings around me
and support me througheach night

this prayer is from my heart
feel lost without you by my side
Steve, with all these memories
I stand here with so much pride!

Love and miss you always  xx 

© Lissie Bull 2015

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