Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Sparkling Haddock

Through the dark recesses of the deep
A flicker of light can be seen
With a swish of his long fan tail
Like a shiny sleek submarine

He swims through the mucky waters
Sun reflecting off each scale
He was the meanest haddock in town
Thinking he`s as grand as a whale

Because he`s so bright and shiny
All the fish put their shades on
Even when the moon was out
It felt as though the sun shone

Haddock`s friends, they tried to cope
But his sparkling skin was so bright
It`s never too dark where he is here
With his wonderful scales of light

I was chatting with a friend and the subject of poetry came up.  He wanted to know what was my daftest poem had been.  After a while he set me a task.......write a poem about a fish with shiny scales....oh and it had to be a haddock too.   This was the result !!!!

© Lissie Bull 2015

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