Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Betrayed by a kiss

After the devastation of that day
I'm left here on the edge of this abyss
For my bubble has been burst so completely
All it had taken was a traitorous kiss

Your betrayal was so unexpected
I had felt to relaxed, close by your side
Then suddenly you left, and went away
And therefore stopped me dead in mid stride

I have no idea where to go from here
As this deep black abyss is calling me
Sadly you are no where to be found
Feel like I'm lashed to a falling tree

My strong foundations have all crumbled
There`s nothing here to support me any more
Massive sensation off falling through air
Not sure what`ll happen when I hit the floor

Maybe I will start to think straight again
Pick myself up and continue down the road
I need guidance from those who really care
Not sure that I can carry on with this load

For betrayal is such a nasty thing
Why not just say that you don`t love me no more
No need to hurt me with all your lies
I'm left standing here wounded and sore

For you promises have been broken
Battle lines drawn, you sealed it with a kiss
Get behind me now you evil Satan
I stand here on the edge of this abyss

Betray in any form is hurtful and unnecessary in every way

© Lis Bull 2014

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