Monday, 24 February 2014

The Market Place

The market place is buzzing
so many stalls to see
all cheerfully attired
from books to bags to jewellery

The characters are brilliant
you`re make to feel so welcome
stall holders selling through the cold
even though they`d love to be at home

All different people passing by
wrapped up against the cold
Then someone stops by the stall
filled with awe, an item`s sold

We`re offered free doughnuts
and plenty of good advice
all our items are laid out well
think we`re charging the right price

Stocked up with cups of coffee
and so glad we`re doing well
other stall holders are curious
but this time of year is hell

Today has been a learning curve
There`s so much we can do
Can`t wait until we come again
for I know this stall will work too

Helping my son Jon with his Market stall, so enjoyed it all, though very cold  lol

© Lis Bull 2014

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