Monday, 10 February 2014

Mysteries of the Morning Mists

Through the misty morning haze
Amongst the tall straight tree of the wood
Mottled colours give an eerie presence
Wondering if it`s hiding something good

Shifting shadows through the mists
As movement seems to create change
Vegetation appears out of the distance
Making normal things appear strange

Through the haze something different moves
Steam rising up from its huge mass
With sheer beauty this lone bison walks
 this misty morning through trees and grass

For a creature this big, it moves silently
In between the tree trunks of this forest
Watching it move off slowly into the distance
To leave it to its stroll was for the best

This was such an honour to encounter
A Bison an awesome, majestic creature
To find them in the misty morning light
Good to know that all is well with nature!

Inspired from a photo,  love writing this way....

© Lis Bull 2014

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