Thursday, 6 February 2014


Sid, what more can I say?
Missing you more each day
As the years float on by
I find myself still asking..why?
You fought so hard to stay with us
Never complained or made a fuss

For you were always the strong one
Knew how to get the job done
Then two years ago
We really felt the blow
The angels came and took you away
For us that was such a sad day

Now you watch us from above
Showering us with your love
Chuckling at the things we do
From the daft through to the new
Glad to know you`re there
Helps to calm any despair

Miss your humour and whit
Your determination and grit
That laughter, so infectious
To us you`re very precious
Your sparkle may have gone
But your light will carry on

So with each passing year
Our tears begin to clear
Though our hearts are full of woe
But the memories, they grow
For we know that you`re at rest
Sid you will always be the best

Love and miss you always Sid

© Lis Bull 2014

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