Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Blackness.....

My world is full of blackness
and I feel much pain within
no light penetrates through it
I have suffered for my sin

Through the darkness I hear noises
the sounds are crystal clear
as I lay here on the floor
silent in this night of fear

All senses are heightened now
this room is full of emotions
not knowing what`ll happen next
tensions flowing like oceans

The pain that I feel in my heart
just doesn't seem to go away
it`s ripping my whole life apart
will I ever see the light day?

Can`t stand the darkness any more
I have just got to see some light
Hate this world of total blackness
scratching at the blind that make the night

Trapped here in this awful world
to be punished in this blackness
Let me go where I need to be
locked away in this darkness

Strange emotions, feelings and deeds create unusual worlds to find ourselves in....

© Lis Bull 2014

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