Friday, 23 May 2014

Stormy skies

suddenly the skies went dark
thick heavy clouds over head
and with a rumble in the air
the heavens opened with much dread

as torrential rain beats down
soaking every thing in sight
hammering down upon the roof
turning the neighbourhood into night

as these black clouds blast on through
there`s a heaviness all around
darkness across Mother Earth
as great droplets hit the ground

the sky is lit up suddenly
by bright jagged lightning flashes
followed by rumbling thunder
sounding like cymbals clashing

all through the night this storm rages
thrashing the earth with its force
race across these darkened skies
like a mighty fierce power horse

Storms are not necessarily frightening things to encounter...... they are full of exciting energy.!

Copyright © Lissie Poems 2014. All rights reserved

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