Saturday, 31 May 2014

The battle field closer to home

I hate all these deceits and lies
that fill the air when you`re around
bitterness that seeps from your dark eyes
speaks volumes, yet you utter no sound

the room goes so cold at these times
as you sit there scheming away
for you have not a care in the world
cos you think you`ll get your own way

I watch the way that you toss your head
and the devilish smile on your lips
this tells me that trouble is a foot
lets just see what`s written in the scripts

knowing your twisted mind is evil
your talons are deeply embedded
as you`re spitting deadly venom
know the outcome is to be dreaded

what ever you throw at me now
all that I live I will defend
for your evil with not prevail
as I`ll fight to the bitter end

battles are not always fought on the bloody battle field, but can be closer to home.....

Copyright © Lissie Poems 2014. All rights reserved

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