Saturday, 21 June 2014

Powerful Symbols

There`s so little between
the emotions of love and hate
a red rose or a smoking gun
these symbols are powerful

with uncontrollable feelings
both have the ability to kill
for passion can turn to envy
and be fatal in many ways
powerful sensual attractions
through sight, touch and a beating heart
the rose is a delicate item
something to be treasured with love

a scorned woman can cause trouble
so tread lightly in her boudoir
if you anger and unset her
this flower can still be lethal
capable of protecting herself 
for tucked away where you knew not
a cold metal pistol she`ll have
this thing of beauty will kill you

so remember a rose and a gun
are both very dominate symbols
capable of awesome passion
that can have powerful results

Red rose and a cold metal pistol
can both have an effect on your destiny.......!

Copyright © Lissie Poems 2014. All rights reserved

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