Friday, 25 July 2014

Summertime Blues

Summer time can be a problem
if you suffer from hay fever or bugs
the heat seems to make it even worse
so you have to stock up on all the drugs

Close by water or in the evening
appears to exasperate it more
but being indoors in this extreme heat
is not what you want to do, that`s for sure!

Those pesky midges attack your skin
red itchy welts just doesn't look so good
along with a runny nose and sneezing
this is not summer, as I understood

Another nasty thing that seems to occur
sun burnt skin, red and sore to the touch
and it really looks so unpleasant
all this bright hot sun can be too much !

So you`re all huddled up in the winter
remember all the suffering you moaned about
when the heat brings the summer time blues
take your medication and go on out!

© Lissie Bull 2014 All rights reserved

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