Wednesday, 2 July 2014

To my dearest love.......

I can`t believe
it`s been this long
since that wonderful day
we said our vows
thirty one years
to be exact
standing there together
at the church altar
knowing that I`d
made the right choice

you looked so handsome
in your new blue suit
standing next to me
I, in my white dress
which had taken
many hours to sew
what a glorious
couple we made

clutching my bouquet
and saying the words
you smiled at me
and suddenly I'm floating
happy to be with you
as we walk down the nave
and out of the church
husband and wife!

now as I sit here
all those years on
thinking of you
up on high in heaven
missing you greatly
as I carry on without you
for one day I know
I will be joining you too

So on this day
thirty one years later
looking at your photo
I want to wish you
a happy anniversary
my dear husband, Steve..x

© Lissie Bull 2014 All rights reserved 

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