Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pure destruction....

caught in this trap
suffocating badly
no where to turn to
at this time of need

wanting to escape
this loneliness here
tightness gripping me
no one to take heed

my heart is pounding
from this great anger
why did you hurt me
with this terrible deed ?

once I thought you good
someone I could love
but all I see are lies
you acted so unjust

scarred for a life time
a badge of pain I wear
for all eternity
my soul turned to dust

for you've blown my mind
set me on this path
never to return
for there is no trust

utter destruction
strong desire to go
leave the earthy hell
where I've no free will

let me be,    I pray
you can`t hurt my now
I'm numb from all this
you've shown your skill

you ripped out my heart
and stripped it of life
never to know hope
my soul you did kill

© Lissie Bull 2014 All rights reserved 

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