Friday, 22 August 2014

Bitter Sweet Moments....

Anger still wells up from below
the pain never seems to go away
I feel it deep within my gut
ever since the dreadful day

To feel your hatred thrown at me
and not really understand why
this terrible situation arose
never being allowed to say goodbye

To still smell your aroma here
yet not understand why you're gone
not knowing that you won't be mine
so sad your is now withdrawn

All the memories that we had
do they not mean anything to you?
are you to just throw this all away
as walk out saying we're through!!

This tension is building up fast
won't be able to hold it much longer
sadly this pain is getting worst
for when I was with you I was stronger

As I struggle with all these feelings
since you got up and walked away
I'm left with bitter sweet memories
so regretting that you wouldn't stay........

Copyright Lissie Bull 2014. All rights reserved

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