Friday, 8 August 2014


Betrayal is such a bitter word
but at the moment its the right one
lies can cut you to the very core
for you've pierced my heart as if you`d used a gun

All I wanted was for you to succeed
do well, move forward on your life`s journey
emotional words thrown at each other
aggression, anger showed through all the way

Blood is thicker than forgotten water
that has flowed under the old family bridge
whether these feelings can be turned around
can`t tell who`ll be left clinging to the ledge

Forgiveness and love must surely win the day
families must learn to live together
asking you to accept my apology
for these rough storms, we must try to weather

This saddens me for I love you so much
we only get one chance at our time here
lets us talk this through and work things out
please remember I do hold you so dear!

After a terrible argument .....feelings running so tense.
However, there`s always horizons and adventures.!

© Lissie Bull 2014 

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