Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Ding dong, Avon calling....!

Ding dong, there`s the bell
hope Avon`s come to call
to show what there is..
can`t wait to see it all

It feels like Christmas
every time she`s here
sat with her tea, goodies
from her bag appear

Creams, perfumes, makeup
displayed for me to see
all looking great,  even
watches and jewellery

With so much to try
we can test and smell
all are spoilt for choice
don`t want to break this spell

When all the orders are in
and everything`s all done
we say our farewells
this time`s been such fun!

Really enjoyed this morning
I was so impressed
can`t wait for my order
Avon, you is the best!

© Lissie Bull 2014 All rights reserved

My daughter has taken up Avon and enjoying being a rep very much.
I wrote this for a bit of fun...lol

1 comment:

  1. Being an Avon Lady myself I found this poem amazing.
    Love you way with words x x x